Hero Wars tier list updated (after Corvus and Morrigan)

This Hero Wars tier list updated after Corvus and Morrigan update! In this article I will be talking about both platforms (Hero Wars Mobile and Hero Wars Facebook) heroes which is a reason why this video is so long. I attached timestamps to the Youtube video so you can skip to part which you actually want to watch.

Hero name + FB will be for Facebook version and hero name + M will be for Mobile version. Most heroes will rank the same rank on both platforms and won’t have anything written after their nicknames.

Hero Wars hero ranking is made mostly for new players because you can’t afford to invest your resources in the wrong heroes! After watching my video which will be down below you will understand why you should or why you shouldn’t invest in some heroes.

Hero Wars tier list

S+ tier

Astroth, Jorgen, Martha

S tier

Aurora FB, Keira, Dante FB, Lars, Krista, Nebula, Kharh, Celeste, Sebastian FB, Yasmine

A tier

Galahad, Faceless, Orion, Cleaver, Luther, Dorian, Helios FB, Jhu, Satori, Andvari M, Sebastian M, Morrigan, Corvus

B+ tier

Aurora M, Thea, Fox, Markus, Peppy, Ishamael, Qing Mao, Cornelius, Jet, Maya, Elmir, Ziri, Andvari FB

B- tier

Phobos M, DareDevil, Arachne, Ginger, Dark Star, Artemis, Lian, Helios M, Rufus, Astrid and Lucas, Satori FB

C tier

Kai, Chabba, Judge, Lilith

D tier

Phobos FB, Heidi, Dante M, Mojo

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Hero Wars tier list

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  1. Bawenang Rukmoko

    I’m not sure I agree with Dante’s rank with the new Dante changes. I’ve tried some dodge team variations and Dante is the biggest damage dealer there. I can get like 3M damage from Dante alone. This is the dodge team that I used: Aurora, Yasmine, Dante, Nebula, Martha. Yasmine was supposed to be the damage dealer here but she pales compared to Dante for some reason.

    1. Bawenang Rukmoko

      Ah sorry, my bad. I didn’t see the FB and M. I am playing in FB so Dante for sure is an S right now.

    2. MrFungry

      He is great. I would like to test him out with maxed out Cain.

      1. Bawenang Rukmoko

        Yeah he is. I reckon he will wreak havoc with a purple Cain. LOL. BTW, why didn’t you separate between FB Daredevil and Mobile Daredevil? I think they both have different tier. FB Daredevil is crap while Mobile is decent, at least.

  2. Galagas

    From the names themselves all the way down to the hero strength, there are so many things wrong with this review for a beginner’s list. Here’s something real:

    SSS tier (super hero, wins toughest battles by itself)
    Yasmine, Karkh, Cleaver

    S tier (super hero, makes team win toughest battles)
    Dante, Maya, Celeste, Morrigan, Martha*
    *Martha is SSS tier when paired with an A or better team.

    A tier (great hero, can make team win toughest battles)
    Galahad, Astrid and Lucas, Keira, Qing Mao, Jorgen, Orion, Markus, Lars*, Krista*, Ziri, Jhu, Corvus*, Andvari, Satori, Cornelius
    *Lars and Krista are S tier when paired together, and so is Corvus when with Morrigan.

    B+ tier (great support hero, can make some team win some toughest battles)
    Astaroth, Nebula, Sebastian, Peppy, Rufus, Faceless, Jet, Helios, Dorian

    B tier (good hero, can make great team overall)
    Luther, Thea, Arachne, Aurora, Daredevil, Ishmael, Elmir

    C tier (average hero, can make great team overall)
    Kai, Chabba, Judge, Lilith, Mojo, Ginger, Dark Star, Lian

    D tier (bad hero, usually drags the team down)
    Phobos, Heidi, Artemis, Fox

    *Note I don’t play Mobile, so all are for the Facebook version.

  3. R

    I cannot understand Mojo’s ranking, you can easily put it is a Astharoth, Nebula, Martha, Jorgen, Mojo team and he will really shine compared to alternatives.


    Guys, give’s ya all your best teams for FB version, Cuz I have just 1 team and that is Astaroth, K’arkh, Nebula, Faceless, Martha.
    like Best team for Arena
    Best for Campaign
    with peds?

  5. Brian

    Is the Web version the same with FB version ? If not , what is the difference ?

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